What is Qi?

The ideology of Qi is essentially the basic building block of traditional Chinese medicine. When healthy, our bodies maintain a harmonized balance of its Qi pathways also known as the balance of Yin and Yang. In other words, the life energy that lives within us is undisturbed. The actual pathways that flow through our bodies and maintain the balance of Yin and Yang are called “meridians”.

How does it all work to help us feel better?

When a person is injured or ill the one or more of the meridians become blocked or disturbed. Once the particular meridian is identified very thin and sterile needles will be inserted into “acupoints” along the meridian. These acupoints are distinct points near the meridian that are able to affect the way Qi is dispersed along any particular meridian. In essence acupuncture is a way to restore the free flow of Qi and re-establish the harmony of Yin and Ying for the inner life force of our bodies.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the practice of one of the most common forms of traditional Chinese medicine. It involves the insertion of thin sterile needles into the body to help the body unblock Qi (human body’s life energy) pathways. The unblocking of such pathways encourages the body to reinforce certain self-regulation mechanisms. Much like how our immune system is triggered by the presence of foreign pathogens, acupuncture when done properly becomes a stimulant for the body to self-heal and self-correct certain impurities that might cause us pain and stress. This is the basic idea behind how acupuncture treats illnesses.

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