What is Therapeutic Massage or Tui Na?

Tui Na is a technique/form of massage that is another element of traditional Chinese medicine. It is one of the external manipulative treatment techniques of Chinese medicine and often used in conjunction with other internal techniques like acupuncture. It focuses on external stimulation by ways of pressing, kneading, rolling certain parts of the body in order to help re-establish the flow of our inner Qi. Tui Na also exploits the meridian (Qi pathways) in its treatment of patients similar to acupuncture.

How is Tui Na different than other types of massage?

Tui Na is known as one of the more common types of massage and for good reason. It utilizes principles of Chinese medicine similar to acupuncture. It helps facilitate the free flow of Qi through the meridians and maintains the balance of our inner life energy. Tui Na massage can help our bodies restore physiological functions and heal from certain long term illnesses/pains/stress. It is a less invasive treatment method that is not only therapeutic but also very relaxing and stress relieving.